El Paso’s Awesome Title Companies

Title companies are the central hub of a real estate transaction. Yet, most buyers only know it as the place they sign their closing douments. In Texas, typically the title company is the buyers choice. This is not always true but generally speaking. Often buyers will ask the Real Estate agent for information and use the one they may recommend. However, to help you better understand your choices I created this time-saving, easy, Semi-comprehensive reference guide so you don’t have to spend hours surfing the internet.

Complied & Verified: December 2018.
Updated: 10-18-19 and 11-05-19 – Major Update! (1)changed the layout of this post. (2) Added Patriot and Prosperus. (3) Corrected some phone numbers and addresses along with some factual information. 04-18-20 – Added RasingStar Title Company.

Please help, if you are aware of a company not listed please provide details on the contact page.

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El Paso Local Market Stats

The El Paso Real Estate Market Data is provided by The Greater El Paso Association of Realtors (GEPAR). Each month the stats for the previous month is processed and released from our multi-listing service (MLS). There are four basic numbers people tend to talk about; they are:

  1. active listings
  2. detached home sales
  3. average home price
  4. days on market

For quick and easy research purposes, I have created a basic chart below for the above mentioned numbers. For the serious investors who may want the “insiders” information. To accommodate you I am giving you the very PDF provided to Real Estate Agents which contain a goldmine of information with a more detailed market analysis. Enjoy!

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