The Scott Whittle Podcast

The Scott Whittle Show (#SWS) is the official podcast for Gulf War era veteran Scottie “Scott” (SW) Whittle. This podcast is dedicated to all my brother and sisters-in-arms – active and non-active duty. As a veteran’s advocate I have heard so many stories – some good others not so much. This podcast is about U.S. Veterans from all eras and their families, non-profit organizations and government agencies, and the state of real estate.

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U.S. Veterans

El Paso is home of Fort Bliss and the First Armored Division. It is considered a “military town”. Fort Bliss is the largest industry in the area. As you can imagine there are many active and non-active duty veterans here. They span all branches of service, including the Coast Guard, and all eras all the way back to World War II. Here we will conduct interviews with them.

First, are the Veterans themselves. We need to preserve the stories of our Veterans. Currently, in living memory we have World War II, Korean War, Vietnam Conflict, and the Gulf War. As we begin this podcast, it is my goal to interview the World War II and Korean War veterans. There are so few left and their stories need to live on.

Secondly, the best network for a veteran is other veterans. Vets assist other vets in numerous ways. Sometimes its lending an understanding ear. Other times it is providing information and referrals to people, agencies or friends. Therefore, there is hope to build a network of veterans helping each other. We will interview those people veterans and civilians alike that assist veterans.

Thirdly, we want to hear from our Gulf-war ear Veterans, too. The interviews with them will be concerning the military transition into civilian life. I recently became active on Linked In, due to a personal job search. There are non-profit leaders, business recruiters, small business owners, and Fortune 500 companies actively engaging in conversation about Veterans and jobs. This is a place where that information can all be pulled together in one place.


Under this category are really three groups, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and private citizens.

Non-Profit Organizations – They are government recognized legal-entities designed for the benefit of a community. Frequently, funding sources provide assistance through these organizations. The El Paso community is blessed to have an abundance of these veteran specific or program specific assets for Veterans. Many are grant funded. Grants come and go. However, the need may remain. In the SWS podcast, it’s our goal is to keep these organizations and their services highlighted.

Government Agencies – Billions of dollars come from federal budgets to provide all types of social services in our communities. Some states, such as Texas, have funds specifically earmarked for veteran services. We aim to talk with the people within these agencies.

Private Citizens – Philanthropists, movie stars, athletes and even the everyday citizens desire to show appreciation for Veterans. Some work or lead some of the previously mentioned organizations and agencies. They are a part of the resources and networks that Veterans need to be well informed about.

Real Estate

Finally, we will discuss real estate here in the El Paso community. This is not specifically geared toward Veterans but for anyone interested in this topic. I held an active Texas Real Estate license from 2017 -2020. Currently, I am working to reinstate the license. Due to this I cannot sell real estate but I can provide information. My goal is to create a resource for people from all walks of life.

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