Patrick Cooley – An Iraq War Veteran’s Family and His Service, Army Lieutenant Colonel, Power Apps Developer at Power Apps 911 (005)

Patrick Cooley

Patrick Cooley shares his path from being a young soccer player in Virginia to retiring from the U.S. Army as a Lieutenant Colonel.  He shares many family stories concerning military life and its effects on his family. Patrick talks about his wife’s personal struggle with her military career, her rape and the abortion that followed. His transition from the military is unique in that he was able to take two years off and spend it with his family. His first post military job is a funny story with many valuable lessons. Later he discovers a new passion for developing Power Apps for Power Apps 911, a mom and pop company with a global reach!

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Introducing Patrick Cooley

I started my career journey as an Army officer where I learned leadership in roles that took me on adventures from Asia to Europe to the Middle East. I learned many valuable life lessons in courage, humility, and teamwork as I broadened my knowledge of the world and those in it. Post-Army roles have helped me learn about manufacturing, economics, and care of infrastructure. I have continued learning as an app developer using Power Apps and Power Automate to modernize and streamline legacy systems. I enjoy the challenge of working collaboratively with a global team to come up with solutions harnessing the power of automation.


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Episode 005: Patrick Cooley – An Iraq War Veteran’s Family and His Service

Patrick Cooley Power Statements

  • Anybody who is an introvert, you can have success in your career in the military and beyond.
  • At a young age I decided I wanted to go to West Point and be an officer.
  • Our country has no shortage of brave men.If you can show care for any human being that is a difference maker.
  • If you can show care for any human being – that is a difference maker.
  • Anybody who has been married more than two weeks knows marriage is hard.
  • If you are entering into marriage to get everything you want, that’s not the right way to approach that.
  • I did not know my kids. They where small people who inhabited my house.
  • I found a passion.
  • Learn to live with less.
  • If you can recognize looking beyond yourself to help others, that is what we need.
  • Every soldier has a Sergeant.
  • Sometimes pressure situations create an environment where you find something your really love.
  • Experiment and find what you like.

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