Introducing the Scott Whittle Show – A Gulf War era, Army veteran launching a podcast to assist veterans with interviews, military transition, and real estate news (000)

The Scott Whittle Podcast

This is the prelaunch episode of the “The Scott Whittle Show” (#SWS). As a non-combat, Gulf War era veteran I believe it is my obligation to assist my brothers and sisters-in-arms. Therefore, this is a veteran helps veterans show. I know and hear the stories of veterans and their families. There are difficulties dealing with PTSD, military transition, as well as the excitement of buying and selling a home. These topics and much more to come in SWS.

The Scott Whittle Show Original Script

(WARNING: This is the original script I typed without proofreading. This is not a transcript of the actual podcast but my quick outline. It’s ugly but it is a look behind the veil of a developing show.)


Welcome to the initial podcast of the Scott Whittle Show.

In the podcast I am providing you what you can expect from upcoming shows.

I am currently, working to secure interviews with Veterans from various war eras. I prefer hearing the stories of WWII and Korean War Veterans, Just because that who i want to focus on.

Also we will conduct interviews, with people who work with veterans. These maybe Vets helping other Vets or non-profit and government agencies who assist veterans.

The other goal is also to discuss real estate.

We are located in El Paso, Texas and being in the local community.

If you are interested in being interviewed or knows some one we should feature in upcoming episode please reach out to me by using the contact page at

Or you could connect with me on Linked In just search for Scott IE Whittle.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



The Scott Whittle Show Podcast Page: This is the Podcast Page on this site. It contains all the episodes.

Author: Scott "SW" Whittle

Scott "SW" Whittle is a Gulf War era Veteran and former Texas Real Estate agent. He is the husband of Laura and father of Bethany. His professional bio can be seen on his LinkedIn profile. (