Benjamin Miranda – Local Grocery Store Bag Boy Living Beyond His Dreams, Air Force Chief Master Sergeant, Entrepreneur, Director of Business Operations at Endeavors (004)

Ben Miranda

Benjamin (Ben) Miranda discusses his life journey from being an eighteen-year-old bag boy at Furr’s groceries in El Paso, Texas, to becoming a Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force and now the Director of Business Operations at the national non-profit organization – Endeavors.

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Introducing Benjamin Miranda

Serving as the Director of Business Operations, Benjamin Miranda, Jr. is responsible for ensuring the success of the development, implementation, operation, and expansion of Endeavors’ many lines of service.

Ben holds an exceptional record of success collaborating with state, local, and national partners, and this role allows him to utilize his strengths in relationship-building as he creates and maintains strategic partnerships with local, state, and federal government and stakeholders to promote Endeavors and seek support for the expansion of programs.

He is also the co-owner and Chief Operating Officer of Doctor Bins and owner of Cross-Cultural Leadership Development, both Veteran owned businesses.

Ben is a 24-year Veteran of the United States Air Force where rose to the Air Force’s highest rank of Chief Master Sergeant. He deployed in support of Operations ENDURING FREEDOM, IRAQI FREEDOM, NEW DAWN, and UNIFIED RESPONSE, as well as to multiple counter-drug operations in Latin America.

Ben serves as a Commissioner for the Texas Military Preparedness Commission appointed by the Texas Governor and sits on the Board of Directors for the Chamber of El Paso and the El Paso Homeless Coalition-Continuum of Care. He is also the Board Chair for the Chamber’s Military and Veteran Affairs Committee and is a lifetime member of the Disabled American Veterans and the Air Force Sergeants Associations. He holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Walden University.


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Episode 004: Benjamin Miranda – Three-Minute Conversations That Changed My Life.

Benjamin Miranda Power Statements

  • The power of a three-minute conversation.
  • Never take for granted sharing your story.
  • English was my barrier.
  • Dinner conversations with my dad verse my dinner conversation with my children.
  • The resiliency a military child has is tremendous.
  • I have found purpose even after wearing a uniform for almost twenty-five years.
  • I have a new “why”.
  • When you get off the bus make sure your family is with you.
  • A part of the transition process is finding your new “why”. 
  • Transition impacts your quality of life; transition impacts your health; transition impact your economic standing.
  • I need to invest myself into the new community.
  • The basic principles of leadership – management, caring for your people, coaching, motivating, mentoring, human connection – that does not change.
  • 12135 Pebble Hills is the address for the Endeavors Veterans Wellness Center coming to El Paso.
  • We are changing the face of how we serve Veterans in West Texas.
  • El Paso is a veteran ready community. The community comes together to employ veterans. To give them good quality of life, health care perspective, education perspective. All those components make El Paso a veteran ready community.
  • On building his network – Insert yourself until you have a voice at the table, but you have to have substance.
  • When you learn other people’s stories you learn to appreciate them.

Benjamin Miranda‘s Favorite Movie

Nacho Libre – Jack Black

Benjamin Miranda‘s Favorite Books

Personal Book:
Bible – NEVKJV

Professional Book:
Who Moved My Cheese – By Spenser Johnson

Connect with Ben

Business Sites:
Cross-Cultural Leadership Development – Ben’s Mentorship and Leadership Training Company

Doctor Bins – Partnership with brother-in-law offering trash bin cleaning services

Professional Profiles:
Linked In | Email –

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Other Resources

988 – Veteran Suicide Prevention Hotline

Ben Miranda Biography – His bio page at Endeavors

From Air Force to Advocacy: Ben Miranda’s Story – His story on the Endeavors website.

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Endeavors Working with the City of El Paso to Assist Homeless Population During COVID-19 Outbreak – Endeavors article on PRN Newswire dated April 17, 2020 concerning the rapid deployment team here in El Paso.

Steven A. Cohen Military Clinic and Endeavor Links

Endeavors – Ben’s place of employment in El Paso, Texas

Endeavor’s Veterans Wellness Center – Located in San Antonio, TX it is a first of its kind in the state of Texas. One is coming soon to El Paso!

Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Endeavors – Ben’s former employer in El Paso, Texas.

State Organizations:

Texas Veterans Commission – A granting source for non-profits wishing to assist veterans

Veterans Land Board (VLB) – Providing loans and excusive land sells to Texas veterans.

Texas Workforce Commission – They have partnerships with other Veteran organizations to provide assistance to veteran’s needing work.

The County of El Paso Online:

The County of El Paso – The official website of the county of El Paso
You Tube – County of El Paso, Texas Commissioners Court Public Meetings
Wikipedia – Wikipedia page for the county of El Paso, Texas

The City of El Paso Online:

The City of El Paso – The official website for the city of El Paso, Texas.
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The El Paso Chamber Online:

The El Paso Chamber – Official website of the El Paso Chamber
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 Additional Organizations Ben is Affiliated with:

Combined Arms – This is the company based out of Houston, Texas used to do the Veterans needs assessments.

Texas Military Preparedness Commission – The official webpage to the Texas Governor’s page for military preparedness commission

George W. Bush Stand-To Veteran Leadership Program – Application requirements and links to the George W Bush VLP

Author: Scott "SW" Whittle

Scott "SW" Whittle is a Gulf War era Veteran and former Texas Real Estate agent. He is the husband of Laura and father of Bethany. His professional bio can be seen on his LinkedIn profile. (