Behind the Scenes 06-16-2022 – (000a)

The Scott Whittle Show

This is another prelaunch episode of the “The Scott Whittle Show” (#SWS). So much amazing stuff has been happening. I am too excited not to share this information with you. Although we said a monthly podcast, I could not resist the temptation of letting you peek behind the curtain.

The Scott Whittle Show Original Script

(WARNING: This is the original script I typed without proofreading. This is not a transcript of the actual podcast but my quick outline. It’s ugly but it is a look behind the veil of a developing show.)


Welcome to the Scott Whittle Show — Behind the Scenes
of The Scott Whittle Show – June, 16, 2022

What going on SWS Nation this is your host Scott Whittle.

I am so excited about what is happening. Our initial podcast was released on Thursday, June 2, 2022.

Since that time so much as happened. The response has been amazing. People friends from the past messaged me through Linked In. People from the local veterans community in El Paso and San Antonio began reaching out to me. I’ve had phone calls, Linked In Messages, and Zoom calls from people accross Texas interested and wanting to see how they can help our Veterans.

So far, We have managed to secure conversations with some awesome people doing great work with veterans. To begin with we have an

* multi-award winning Licensed Professional Counselor from El Paso, I expect this one to drop next Thursday.

* Air Force and Marine Brat from San Antonio who works with Veterans and is contemplating a military career.

* We have a Disabled Combat Veteran who is a entrepreneurial spirit Mortgage Broker who specifically loves to help his brother and sisters.

Guys I want to say thank you so much. This is not talking about the other appointments we have in the cache.

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Author: Scott "SW" Whittle

Scott "SW" Whittle is a Gulf War era Veteran and former Texas Real Estate agent. He is the husband of Laura and father of Bethany. His professional bio can be seen on his LinkedIn profile. (