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Hello, my name is Scottie Wayne Whittle, doesn't SW Whittle sound a little more professional?

The Whittle's and El Paso...

Scott And Bethany WhittleI was born and raised in South Carolina. I was imported into El Paso via the Army and have lived here my entire adult life. I love El Paso. I believe it is a great place to raise a family.

It is often rated as one of the safest cities in the country -  the second safest Metro city in 2017.  It's sunny disposition, history, blended cultures, and food... ahhh the food make for a wonderful living experience. I decided to stay here after exiting the military. I met my wife, Laura, at church and we have one beautiful daughter, Bethany.

Scott Whittle, Realtor - Wait wwwhat, WHY?

Due to a lost  job, my family and I experienced a two-year plus ordeal. It was the forced short-sale of our first home! The heart-wrenching pain of losing our home and all the back-and-forth with potential buyers, the banks (Yes, bankS) and VA caused me to think "never-again". This is what caused me to decide to pursue becoming a real estate agent. (My test date is July 20, 2018) The decision to buy a home is one of the biggest decisions a person can make and to lose it was very painful.

Community Activities...

As a Gulf War era veteran, I believe it is my responsibility to aid other veterans in the El Paso community. Previously, I have provided peer-to-peer counseling for veterans of various eras. Currently, I work with veterans to give a hand-up with financial help, job training, and for those who have lost their identity I help them to re-establish themselves.


As a twenty plus year graphic and web designer, I am a frequent user of various technologies and social media. I have deployed several sites and channels for multiple local non-profits. Now I have switched gears and decided to develop my personal sites and channels. Follow me on my most active platform Facebook. Check out the developing YouTube Channel. Although I would not call myself a newbie, I am new to Instagram and Snap Chat.

Your Opinion Counts...

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